Presence of Self.

“How often when we are comfortable, 
we begin to long for something new! ”― Jacob Grimm

Pick up any newspaper, or read anyone's timeline on social media, and you'll find a well written article telling you that life would be better if you <insert New Thing here>. In fact this thing is very scientific, peer reviewed, and validated by many modern thinkers. Don't be fooled by an imitation New Thing, as it is important to get the original.

However, there are many other learned scholars that have found your New Thing to be doctrinally false. Some ancient manuscripts were found, translated, and this New Thing might actually be harmful and dangerous to your belief system. Standing by are a team of experts that will agree, while also providing flow charts on how all the original articles are - in fact - fake news.

This New Thing, however, kind of felt nice for you. In fact it might have been the most calm you've felt in some time. Your mood was lighter, you had less stomach issues, and the world just seemed like a pretty nice place. But with all this new information, maybe you should now also worry that New Thing is actually making your life worse -- I mean, who among us doesn't worry incessantly all day long?

"Now that all your worry has proved such an unlucrative business,
why not find a better job." - Hafiz

As funny and satirical as the above scenario seems, it is becoming a very true piece of fiction. Replace "New Thing" with a topic of your choice and see what I mean. We are guided to worry and insecurity - not only by advertisers and well meaning business - but also from our "tribe," those other bi-pedal hominids of the sapiens species, who seem to chime in like a judgmental Greek chorus. 

Rejoice, my dear reader, as there is a way to navigate around all that noise and confusion. It isn't a radical treatment plan, nor must you bend into a pretzel. In fact, it is just the simple art of being present. No guru, no saffron robes, no potentially hazardous incense - just you and a moment of time.

“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness.
If you are attentive, you will see it.” 
― Thich Nhat Hanh

To invite pause into your life, it doesn't take a fancy degree, hours of practice, or a teacher standing over you every minute -- you just make the decision to release your thoughts for about a second. That's it. Today I invite you to spend one second of time focused on you - just be who you are right in that moment. Remember that you are a spark of light in the infinite shining Universe, and it's okay to twinkle from time to time.

Much love,
~ Kim